In 1998, spurred by community and veterans’ concerns that all honorably discharged Lancaster County veterans were not receiving appropriate graveside Military Honors, an ad hoc committee of county veterans and citizens endorsed the creation of the Red Rose Veterans Honor Guard (RRVHG). Since the first service in 1999, the RRVHG has rendered more than 7,500 Military Funeral Honors.

In 1999, the RRVHG logo was adopted and in 2000, the Red Rose Veterans Honor Guard motto “Honos Officio Fideli” (Honor for Faithful Service) was approved. By-Laws were first published in 2004 and the organization was incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

The RRVHG is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization under IRS rules and provides its services free of charge. Donations are not solicited for funeral services but are gratefully accepted and utilized for providing and maintaining uniforms and defraying expenses associated with funerals. The organization has representation from all branches of the Armed Forces who are active duty, reservists, PA National Guard, retired, honorably discharged, officers and enlisted. The RRVHG has a dedicated cadre of volunteers whose military bearing and professionalism have earned them an exceptional reputation among the
Lancaster County funeral directors and the public at large.

The RRVHG is committed to ensuring that all present and future honorably discharged veterans are accorded proper Military Funeral Honors, “Taps”, and folding of the flag at the funeral service of honorably discharged deceased veterans throughout Lancaster County.